Wage Subsidy

Employers under CareerFriends, funded in part by the Government of Canada, may be eligible for a wage subsidy to cover up to 85% of an employee's hourly wage for the training period.

This wage subsidy:

- Substantially lowers hiring and training costs

- Funds a portion of accessibility and accommodation costs

The wage subsidy program is intended to encourage hiring of people with disabilities. In addition, we provide job coaching support to assist you, your company, and the employee in meeting your performance expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a valuable community partner by providing employment opportunities, call us at 780-539-1072 and we can tell you if we have the right person for you, if you are eligible for a wage subsidy, and let you know more about the benefits of working with us.

CareerFriends is a project funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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