Referral Professionals

Referrals from Professionals for VR Services

A note from Bonnie, Director of R. Work Group...

We provide vocational rehabilitation services to people who have physical disabilities, injuries, or illnesses, as well as psychiatric disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

Providing vocational rehabilitation services means doing more than simply writing resumes and providing basic job search support. That’s why we ask that you work with us collaboratively in the delivery of these services. We need to understand the medical implications of your client’s disability to ensure we provide appropriate support and counselling. Information that you can provide that assists us with this will be foundational in helping us to ensure quality service delivery for the client.

Included on this site is a form you may wish to complete to provide information that will assist in planning return to work. You may have other information that you view as helpful, such as detailed functional capacity information or a case plan that you can forward.

Services and Info Commonly Asked Questions

If your client/patient has not had a meeting with us yet and they are concerned about releasing this information, we encourage you to first have them contact us for an appointment in which we can explain, in person, the reason we request this information. Our experience is that once there is an understanding of the purpose for us requesting this information that most clients are willing to participate in this collaborative process.

We operate and are bound by patient/client privacy legislation. The information you submit on behalf of your client is respected and confidentiality is maintained.

If you have any questions please contact us directly by calling 780-539-1072 and speak with myself or one of our qualified staff for more details on our services and process. Please also check out our FAQ’s where you will find details on our service delivery. Above is a map of the area we service, services and information, and commonly asked questions.


Bonnie Maguffee, MS, CRC, CVE