Progressive Goal Attainment

Getting ready for work

Chronic pain, disability or the impact of significant mental health related issues can result in individuals experiencing loss of many of the activities that gave a sense of competence and ability, including the activity of work. This structured program coaches clients to resume daily activity with the eventual goal including going back to work. Sessions range from 5 to a maximum of 10.
PGAPā„¢ Certified Coach on Staff:
Bonnie Maguffee, M.S., CRC, CVE
Funding for this service is typically provided through private insurance or self-funded.

Questions to consider. . .

  1. Have you lost your daily routine due to chronic illness?
  2. Is it sometimes too difficult to get started at the same time every day due to your health?
  3. Have you completed all medical treatments available?
  4. Do you want to go to work, but are unsure if you could keep a job?

If you answered yes to some or all of these key questions then call us to learn more about our services.