Health and Safety

We hope the following information helps you to understand our process with your potential “new employee” in terms of disclosure of medical information and accommodation needs on the work-site. In placing a client with your organization, we appreciate that to effectively and safely train employees, you need to understand his/her medical needs. We strive to provide our employers with information that is helpful and pertinent at a work-site.

All clients that we are assisting with placement at a worksite have either a physical, sensory or psychiatric disability that has impacted his/her ability to find and maintain work. The needs of these clients vary and we assist him/her in identifying to you- the Employer - what is practical and useful in terms of workplace accommodation.

Before sending a client to a work-site we have met with them and learned about his/her strengths/weaknesses. We do not conduct physical assessments with clients: in some instances clients provide this medical documentation, but not always. If you have a job with demands such as heights and lifting, or other duties that are physically demanding, then we recommend that medical documentation of the client’s capacity be obtained beforehand, and can assist in doing this.

The medical information and disclosure of information that a client provides is based upon the job duties that you describe (and provide to us in terms of a job description). If the client performs duties outside this job description, then his/her ability to perform these duties should be discussed with them with the question of whether they have any medical concerns. If you are participating in an employment program with us, then we require that you advise us of any additions to the job duties before proceeding. This is the only way we can advise you if we have any medical information that would suggest an accommodation is appropriate.

Our specialty is vocational rehabilitation and this means we are skilled and trained in identifying what can be done to help an employee perform at his / her maximum potential. However, we are not diagnosticians and for this reason only provide information based on what medical we have available. If we lack sufficient medical information to determine the safety of a client performing a job then we will advise you of this. In many cases, we are placing a client at a work-site to help determine how their medical needs have impacted their functioning ability. For this reason, part of the placement process may involve us being on-site to help determine reasonable accommodations.

You should receive written documentation from our client/your new employee or trainee that describes his/her accommodation needs. It is the client’s choice, from our perspective and legally, to disclose the specific nature of their disability (i.e., diagnosis). The client’s medical disclosure to you will identify if he/she requires assistance with emergency evacuation. If they do so, then it is important that we discuss your emergency procedures and have a written plan of action in place on how this employee will be assisted if there is an emergency evacuation.

We are pleased to assist with the placement or work experience of potential employees you plan to hire, if they qualify for our services. Please contact us to learn more.