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Visionaries in Vocational Rehabilitation

Bonnie Maguffee, M.Sc., CRC, CVE


Our founder and director, Bonnie Maguffee, has 30 years experience in vocational rehabilitation. She uses her experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive vocational evaluation and placement services, assuring our clients are able to find the right job at the right time. Bonnie graduated from the University of Alberta in 1986, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with distinction majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

She then went on to obtain a Master of Science in Human Resources/Rehabilitation Counseling from East Central University in 1996 after internships with Weyerhaeuser Canada’s Occupational Health Department, B.A.C.K Chronic Pain Management Centre in Oklahoma, and Professional Counseling Group. PGAP™ Certified.
Bonnie has had articles published in Rehab Review and Spinal Columns, and has presented at the National Rehabilitation Conference in Brooklyn, New York and Dallas, Texas. She is a designated C.R.C. and C.V.E., and is qualified as an expert witness in provincial court. She has served as a board member and secretary for the Canadian Association of Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment, is a member of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association, the National Rehabilitation Association and VEWAA, has served as a board member for the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce and was a member of Toastmasters for 10 years. She has also worked with Hire a Student for the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission, and for Alberta Family and Social Services. Bonnie uses her extensive experience and expertise to deliver optimal vocational rehabilitation services to all our clients.
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Colleen C., B.Sc., OT(c)

Vocational Case Manager

Colleen, a dedicated employee of RWG for over 20 years, serves as a Case Manager helping to ensure that our vocational services are delivered in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Be helping develop and reviewing the client individual vocational plan, she provides support and feedback on what resources will work best to build career success. She is also a support to the vocational rehabilitation counselors, assisting with vocational evaluation by administering aptitude, interest, personality, intelligence, and basic functional tests and inventories. Colleen graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta and worked in long-term care before coming to R. Work Group in 1998. She has also worked in mental health, stroke rehabilitation, and pediatrics.

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Lara Matiisen, HBSc

Client Service Coordinator

Lara joined our team in March 2018 and brings with her expertise in providing client focused service coordination. Lara provides followup support to clients in coordinating appointments, confirming employment results, and coordinating service resources.

She brings with her a unique background with a HBSc in Forensic Anthropology and a minor in Psychology. She often trouble-shots our technology needs and helps to ensure our operational systems run smoothly.
Most importantly Lara cares about our quality of services and that clients are finding the right job at the right time.

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Patty Beals - Bachelor of Theology

Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor

Patty has been with R Work Group since 2019, and in that time she has guided many of our clients through career changes, their first job, and gaining clarity on their future path. With a varied and interesting background including a Bachelor of Theology and 10 years as a Baptist Minister, Patty is excellent at connecting with clients, and helping them create a positive experience whether they’re returning to work, just starting out on their career journey, or anywhere in between.

As our main vocational rehabilitation counsellor, Patty’s dedication and passion in her role can be seen every day through the positive impact she has had on many of our clients and the employers that we work with. When Patty isn’t working, you can often find her riding her motorcycle, or enjoying time with her family and her dog Harley. Patty looks forward to meeting you, and helping you find the right job at the right time!

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Yvonne Loewen – Bachelor of Education

Employer Relations Coordinator

Yvonne has been with R Work Group since January 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, and has experience working as a teacher, educational assistant, respite therapist and behavior developmental aide for children with a wide variety of disabilities.

Many local employers will recognize Yvonne as her primary role includes connecting with employers in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas, and establishing relationships by learning about their business operations and staffing needs. Yvonne then assists connecting qualified clients with these employers to help ensure that the clients find the right job at the right time, and that our local employers learn about great potential employees. Yvonne also liaises with local social service providers and community agencies to build awareness of our services throughout the community and rural areas, including women’s shelters, Indigenous support workers, and other related agencies. She particular enjoys connecting with rural areas in order to broaden the support system for people all across northern Alberta. In her spare time Yvonne enjoys traveling, hiking, baking, knitting, and spending time with friends and family.

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Nicole Morgan

Case Aide

As the newest member of our team, Nicole joined R Work Group in November 2022. She focuses primarily on client orientations to services and provides administrative support to our vocational rehab counselor. She particularly enjoys helping clients succeed in a new role through on-site job coaching, whether it’s their first job or they’re trying out a new field. Nicole is currently working toward obtaining a Bachelor of Social Work degree.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys drinking coffee, reading, golfing, and driving long distances to see family.

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