Job Search Strategies

Help finding a job

Keeping active in your career exploration and job search is more important now than ever. Why? Because the job market is more competitive, but it is still active. Employers are still hiring. Do you know how to connect with the employers who are hiring, and to be the first, not last? Join this session to learn more.

Job Search Strategies During Covid-19:

Session #1: How to maximize social media in your job search

Key Skills Developed

How to use online resources and keep looking for work even during times of layoffs. Learn results of local employer surveys on how to apply for jobs

  1. Explore the primary social media tools and how to use them for job search and developing a network on and offline.
  2. Develop confidence about using social media beyond simply applying online and exploring the challenge of enculturated humility when employers’ expectations are for you to “sell yourself”.
  3. Prepare and practice an elevator pitch reflecting who you are and what you want to do.
  4. Be encouraged that employers are still wanting and willing to meet face-to-face with potential candidates in building their workforce capacity.

Elevator Pitch Example:

An Elevator Pitch is a quick introduction to yourself sharing who you are and what your goals include.

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