Professional Resume Writing

If you have a resume in hand, you may be thinking: "I don't need this session." but do a few checks first of all:

  1. Are you getting interviews with your resume(s) for at least 75% of the jobs you apply to? If no, then you need to attend.
  2. If you are changing jobs, does the resume reflect skills that apply to your new career target? If no, then you need to attend.
  3. Do you understand how to use your resume to guide your answers in the job interview? If no, then you need to attend.

Resume Writing:

Upon completion of Part A and Part B of this workshop you

will have a new or revised resume. Both Part A and Part B of this workshop need to be attended, if you are to obtain a draft resume. The resumes are written as a group with the Facilitator guiding the development of the resume writing. You need to have basic keyboarding skills and knowledge of MSWord or Google Docs.


Session #2: Resume Basics (Part A)

Evaluate your current resume and determine what is working and what needs revision and begin to assist in rewriting your resume.

  • Identify key employer target(s) for your resume re-write.
  • Identify your strengths and frame as accomplishments.
  • Begin draft and/or revision of your resume. The writing is done by the Facilitator who will guide you in identifying what needs to be put in / out of your resume
  • Identify an employer who you will review your resume draft with and give feedback for revisions.

Session #3: Resume Writing Session (Part B)

  • Complete draft of a new, strengths-based resume
  • Learn how to revise this resume for other job targets
  • Understand that a resume is a tool only and that you are the one who gets you the interview and ultimately the job

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