Computer Skills

Having basic computer skills and then developing these further to help you manage your job search will help you thrive and survive. Online applications, email management, resume updates can get overwhelming. Join these sessions to learn more and ensure you have all the skills you need to manage your job search online.

Session: Email Basics and Beyond for Job Search

You will learn the how-to’s of email, including your email name and how to organize a follow-up email system (essential in today’s competitive job market). You need basic computer skills or have Google email set-up on your phone to participate.

  • Gain confidence that you have basic computer management skills for the workforce.
  • Increase your knowledge of how to use email for job searches.
  • Learn how to save and make basic changes to your resume using google documents.
  • Learn how to send your resume as an attachment and upload your resume to an employer's website.

Session: Introduction to Computers

If you are getting help from family and friends to access your email and send resumes, then this is the course for you. This is a hands-on workshop for computer beginners held onsite in our computer lab. Let us know if you are interested as we are developing a waitlist and will let you know when in office workshops are being offered again.

You need to have completed an Application form to register for these webinars. Go to "Application Online" and complete this form in 5 minutes, if you haven't done so already! We are funded by the provincial and federal government so many of the questions are used to plan programming. If you don't want to respond, just click the option "decline to respond" and that works great, too. Thanks for taking the time to register.