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Learn How R. Work Group Works for You

Established in 1990 by Bonnie Maguffee, our central focus and design is to inspire, coach and guide people to find the right job at the right time.  Our expertise is in the field of vocational rehabilitation whereby we apply our knowledge and training in helping individuals who have physical injuries that demand a job change; mental health related issues that impact ability to find and keep a job; traumatic brain injuries or sensory impairments that may need special consideration in the workplace.

Bonnie and Jim Maguffee

Photo:  Bonnie and Jim Maguffee - workers in the field of rehabilitation.  Behind them is Margaret Edgeson Manor, a 70 unit housing complex build in 2004.  Jim Maguffee was part of the steering committee that initiated and planned the project.

How Do We Work?

The R.'s of R. Work Group


Get to know again what it is that you can do.
Gain new ways of thinking of who you are and how you fit into the world of work.
Feel confident about your new roles and ability to meet expectations.

Five Stages of Service

As one of our clients, we will help you through five key "stages of service." Click each stage to find out more.

          Learning          Planning          Finding a Job

Keeping a Job          Expectations