Support during Covid-19

We are open by phone, video conferencing, and webinars to continue to support both job seekers and employers during this disconcerting time of upheaval. Our intention is to ensure that we keep updated on local support resources and information that will be valuable to both clients and local employers. We need to continue to work together to find innovative ways to keep our local economy moving forward and workers working. Effective April 1, 2020, we were provided with provincial government funding to provide employment related workshops to Grande Prairie and area residents who are unemployed, underemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed, considerably broadening our scope of services. Perhaps you have applied to us for services before and found you were ineligible. If that was the case, call us again as we are serving many more job seekers in Grande Prairie through our small group/online webinar training. Let's keep working together.

Please call us at 780-539-1072 to learn more about our services and supports.

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