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How to keep searching for a job

Job seekers are telling me that they are getting discouraged because there aren't any jobs in Covid-19 Alberta. And now it is getting close to Christmas making it even worse to job search! Think about it strategically. If you think there aren't any jobs and are slowing or stopping your job search, then probably many other people are doing the same! Yes, it is common during times of economic downturns that Employers actually have a harder time hiring people because no one applies or enquires about work. Set yourself an action plan this week and find two employers, who are not currently advertising to hire, and submit your resume and a friendly covering letter saying you will follow-up in the next week or so. You will be surprised at how receptive employers are to people who are interested in working for them. Oh, and at the same time you can put in some resumes to Employers advertising too. Just don't count on them calling you. Check into my next post to learn more about why employers don't call and how to change that. #jobs #jobsearch #resumes #unemployed #hiring #Alberta

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