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Jobs and Job Search During Covid-19: The key

There is one key to jobs and job search during Covid-19 and knowing that key is what will help you survive. Are you finding that you are discouraged? Are you at risk of losing your job? Have you already lost your job? It is a difficult time for employers, employees and job seekers. However, it is also a time of possibilities. Take the time now to re-evaluate. There are still jobs and opportunities, even with employers whose operations have been reduced. So, deep breath! Here's the key to jobs and job search during Covid-19: don't stop. Don't stop calling employers. Don't stop submitting your resume. Don't stop practicing your job interview answers. If you feel completely discouraged, then start by scheduling in 15 minutes, at the start of each day (after coffee!) to start. Start calling employers. Start submitting your resume. Start practicing your job interview answers. So deep breath and breathe. The key is to not stop.

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