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Talk to employers - large and small

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People are spending tons of time on the internet looking for jobs, applying for jobs, and waiting to hear back from 'the employer.' What a difficult, tiring and often discouraging way to find a job! Yes, you do need to complete those tedious online forms. No, you don't then sit and wait to hear back.

Instead, go to the work-site, and ask to meet with the boss (it's always best to call ahead and book a time, but more on that later!). If you are unsure how to get started in connecting with employers, then make the easiest first call, and call our office.

We are here to help you if you are entering the work for the first time, or changing jobs after being in the same one for the last 25 years! You may qualify for our services if you have health or disability related issues that are impacting your job search. Our job is to help you connect with employers - large and small - and to help you get the right job at the right time.

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