• Bonnie Maguffee

Red Light Conversations: How to Meet Employers

Driving out to Sexsmith the other day, I heard yelling between two vehicles... I couldn't help it, I tuned in to find out what was up.

Here's the conversation: "Hey, are you guys hiring anyone right now?" Then the light turned green and it was time to go.

Maybe not the most formal or traditional way to reach out to an employer, but connecting in-person still means more than a text, tweet, twitter. Who do you think the employer will be more likely to remember? The guy who sent the "hey, what's up?" text, or the smiling energetic facing that woke you up at the red light to ask about job openings. Probably, it is better to drop by the shop or office, but deciding that "everyone only hires online" is only setting yourself up not to get an interview. People still hire people. You might have to fill out the online application to get a formal job interview, but the informal meetings are still what lay the foundation for getting that job that you want, ahead of everyone else.


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