Insurance Companies

General Overview of Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services are tailored to meet the insurance company and client needs, and can be tailored based on case consultation between the Case Manager/Rehabilitation Consultant and VR Consultant with R. Work Group.

Established Programs Available Include:
A. Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) - 10 sessions (plus initial screening interview and reporting)

B. Career Counselling and Job Search Training - 10 sessions (plus initial screening interview and reporting)

Job Search Program Components - 
Week 1: Transferrable Skills Assessment – Survey and Background Interview
Week 2: Identifying Jobs in the Hidden Job Market (includes informational interview
Week 3: Effective strategies for Disclosure of Disability and Health Related Needs to Employers 
Week 4: Interview Skills Training 
Week 5: Resume and Covering Letter Writing
Week 6: Putting It
All Together – Action Planning
Price: Please call for current pricing
·  Report writing is an additional cost

The following outlines the quality assurance process that we have in. Measurement of Deliverables and Outcomes: 

Deliverable or Outcome
Acceptance  of referral
Commencement  of services
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Progress Reports

7  calendar days from receipt of referral
14  days after accepting referral
90%+  satisfaction
Progress report sent every 4 weeks or as required