Finding a Job

Will you find me a job and how fast? That’s probably our most commonly asked question. Ultimately, you get your own job. You may complete a comprehensive job search training program learning how to contact employers, who to contact and how to negotiate a job. Many people spend at least “part-time” hours looking for a job.

There is no getting around it, finding a job is definitely a lot of work. Sometimes we will meet with employers, on your behalf, to help build a bridge, making it more comfortable for you when you attend that first meeting. We might all even meet together (you, the employer and your counselor to discuss the company and job options). Getting a job is really all about connecting with the right people, at the right time. Our goal is to help you do that in whatever way works best for you. By taking this approach we can fulfill our mission: that is, to help you find the job that is right for you. The type of job a person gets depends on you—what you want to do; what you can do.

Five Stages of Service

As one of our clients, we will help you through five key "stages of service." Click each stage to find out more.

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