One of the first things we will do is talk about confidentiality. We will need your permission to talk with your service funder, about what we are actually doing to help you find a job and how you are doing in this process. You may even be asked to call one of our contract managers and they will ask for feedback on how well you think we are doing our job to help you find a job. Attending scheduled appointments is essential to the success of the process. We ask that, if possible, that you notify us at least 1 day in advance if you are unable to meet. If 1 day is not possible, then call us as soon as you can. If you don’t attend, then we will call you to try and find out what has happened.

You will need to advise your counselor when you get a job and to give the counselor permission to contact the employer (if required) to confirm details of employment. We will also ask you to complete an evaluation of services form. This is very important to us in ensuring that we maintain and improve our quality of services.

Five Stages of Service

As one of our clients, we will help you through five key "stages of service." Click each stage to find out more.

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