An innovative program for anyone who is not in receipt of EI and has a health or disability related issue impacting job search and keeping a job. (you may also qualify if you are working 18 hours or less a week and need to increase work hours or change jobs).


What is CareerFriends?
CareerFriends is a unique and exciting program for individuals ages 16 and over who are graduating or leaving full-time school and not returning. The program is designed to help individuals with disabilities, permanent health issues, or learning difficulties find and keep a job.

Who is eligible for CareerFriends?
Youth aged 16 or older who are graduating or leaving school and not returning. Eligible applicants must:
 -  self identify as having a permanent physical, mental, learning, or other form of disability that limits daily
 - be unemployed or working less than an average of 20 hours per week;
 - be legally entitled to work in Canada; and
 - be in need of assistance to prepare to enter the labour market, to obtain a job or become self-employed.
 - be able to maintain employment independently after working with us, as onsite job coaching is provided, but on a time-limited basis.
 - be ineligible for assistance under Employment Insurance (EI) or have been attached to EI in the past 36 months.
What does it cost?

If you are eligible for Career Friends, there is no cost to you, the client. 

What am I committing to?
We work with you to help you find a job. Your counselor will establish with you what it is you need to do to find and maintain employment. We work with you and your schedule in order to provide our services in the best possible way.
What kind of people do you work with?

We work with people from many different backgrounds, specializing in helping people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, ADHD, developmental disabilities, work-related injuries, chronic illness, asthma, chronic back problems, traumatic brain injuries, and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia, and many other health related issues.
Among youth in Canada, the most prevalent types of disabilities are learning disabilities, with over 35,000 men and 20,000 women affected by this type of disability. 

- Do I qualify if my health issues are substance-related?
As many as eight out of every ten people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or antisocial personality have some type of addiction, and as many as five out of every ten people who suffer from anxiety or depression also struggle with addiction. Mental health issues and addictions can be co-occurring. If you think there is any chance you may be eligible for our services, please call and we will help you find out.

American Psychological Association (2007, December 3). Mental Illness And Drug Addiction May Co-occur Due To Disturbance In Part Of The Brain. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 4, 2012, from­/releases/2007/12/071203090143.htm
How can R. Work Group help?

Our team of professionals has a variety of tools and resources available for assessing your abilities and use these to explore what job will work for you. We want to help find you a job that interests you and put you in a position where you can excel. We provide job coaching, support during your job search, help you develop the skills needed to secure employment, and negotiate job placement with employers. 

Funding available if you qualify includes:
We are also able to provide funding for short courses including Basic Bookkeeping, Simply Accounting 2011, A+ Certification Prep Course and Exam, Microsoft Office Courses, Basic Occupational First Aid, TDG, Fall Protection, Forklift Operator Training, Intro to Health and Safety Systems, Health and Safety Policy Leg, Basic Computer TIA A+ Certification, Medical Terminology and Medical Transcription.

We also have funding for Neuropsychological Assessments and Psychological/Psycho educational Assessments. In addition we have funding for Disability-related supports such as note takers and sign
language interpreters. We even have funding for certain materials and supplies such as uniforms, gloves, handbooks and flash drives, along with a limited amount of funding for transportation to interviews and
How long will it take to get me a job?

The amount of time that we work together is dependent on your needs. We won’t hold you back if you are ready to work or put you in a job before you are ready. We may only need to work together for as
little as a month in some cases; in other cases you may work with us for up to a year. 

How certain are you that you can get me a job?
We have a placement rate ranging from 50-70%.

What kind of job will I get?
The type of job you get depends on your skills, abilities, and interests. Our services are completely individualized. A few examples of what our clients are doing after working with us include:
Customer Service Representative, Program Administrator, Secretary, Electrical Instructor, Truck Driver, Partsperson, and more. We have a constantly growing employer database and will work to seek out the right fit for you.
How will I be supported after finding a job?

As our services are individualized, this again depends on the client. We will come on-site to ensure necessary
accommodations are being made, continue with support and counseling as necessary, and follow-up with reviews to ensure that our services are being implemented in the best possible way.

Sources for statistics: Statistics Canada, Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2006 

CareerFriends is a project funded in part by the Government of Canada.